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Standards compliant website design that you can manage

The future of website design is already here, now you can offer your vendors a higher quality web presence, with standards compliant accessibility built into the design.

This content management system for estate agents takes into account the latest in internet accessibility standards, the privacy of your customers and utilises the very latest technology, ensuring your website will meet the demands of present and future developments of online marketing.

In real time you can add, change or delete property details. You can rest assured that every week your database of property details is backed up, both on network by auto back up. Plus in triplicate off network manual back up. Ensuring you never lose your website due to server disaster. In short, we provide a very unique disaster recovery system that can have your website back up and running in minutes, rather than weeks, in the event of a total server failure.

Each website we design receives a top ranking position within the UK Estate Online directory. Each website we design is optimised for search engine crawlers. No other website designer can guarantee this combination of internet marketing.

What's more, you do not need to install our content management software on your local network. The software is hosted on our servers, you log in through a simple to use control centre and make the changes online. So you never have to pay for new upgrades, or new licenses.

Out team of award winning experts are here to deal with your technical questions, we are happy to receive your telephone calls, or emails with requests for information. We will not waste your time asking several layers of security questions such as your mother's maiden name. As we would never give out log in details to anyone who asks. If you lose your log in details, we have a secure system in place for providing these details.

Give it a try today. It's free to trial and you are not making any commitments if you simply want to find out how easy it is to use.

Please call: 01751 477370.

Many thanks.